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The Midnight Market

It's always midnight somewhere.

  • 45 minutes
  • 39 US dollars
  • Your Phone

Service Description

For hundreds of years, the Fair Folk have run the Midnight Market, selling curses, charms and cloaks of dreams to those unwise enough to buy. Now, though, they've discovered time zones and telephones, and are bringing the Midnight Market to you. If they've called you, they're sure to have your heart's desire...only the question remains: what will you sell in exchange? Telemarketing has never been so intriguing: "The Midnight Market" is a 45-minute experience done entirely over the phone.  +++ A phone adventure is a piece of intimate immersive theater that you’ll play out — just you and an actor, one-on-one — via text message and phone call. All sessions will be booked directly between you and the performer, who will contact you via a phone number provided beforehand. No preparation or research is necessary, and once the adventure starts you’ll be able to steer the experience. Remember, the conclusion of the tale depends on you! +++ Please note that if you go to checkout, you will be allowed to indicate whether you wish to experience this adventure by yourself on your own phone (recommended), with a partner on a shared phone, or on Discord (with or sans a partner) instead of on a phone. All phone larps are in scheduled in US-Eastern Time.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are in New York/Eastern Time. To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact Details

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