There’s been a murder in Outpost Omicron, the US Navy’s underwater base, and you’re the consulting detective who’s been called in to solve it. Literally “called” — you’ve got 90 minutes on the phone to interview the crew before atmospheric conditions disconnect you. There’s gossip to sort through, a map to peruse, and camera footage (which of course they can’t send you). The scientists and crewmembers are counting on you: can you find the murderer in time? 


"Outpost Omicron" is a 90-minute experience done entirely by phone.




This gift card entitles the recipient to one showing of “Outpost Omicron” which they may schedule at their convenience. 


"Outpost Omicron" may be experienced on the phone or (for international visitors and others who have trouble calling) on Discord. 


"Outpost Omicron" showings will begin in January 2021.

Gift Card: Outpost Omicron