Your friend Alex needs your help — her cousin Karen has jumped on the anti-vaxxer bandwagon and is now refusing to inoculate her kid. And Alex can’t get through to her — but due to an incident involving leg injuries and hot chocolate, Karen really likes *you.* So Alex has asked you to help talk her around. But when even the truth is politicized, how do you persuade a relative or friend on the other side of the line?


"The Other Side Of The Line" is a 30-45 minute immersive experience, a phone call between you and your fictional friend Alex’s "cousin Karen." Over the course of a phone call, you'll have the chance to engage with Karen's beliefs, and perhaps even persuade her to engage with yours. An exercise in patience and empathy, this experience focuses on interacting with harmful perspectives in a constructive way.




This gift card entitles the recipient to one showing of “The Other Side Of The Line” which they may schedule at their convenience. 


"The Other Side Of The Line" may be experienced on the phone or (for international visitors and others who have trouble calling) on Discord. 

Gift Card: The Other Side Of The Line