Irene is trapped in Caracas, kidnapped by corrupt police; she's found herself a mobile phone but now she needs your help to escape. But will your Google-fu and your attempts to help her keep her cool be enough to get her out of mortal peril in time?


"The Girl On The Phone" is a 60-90 minute immersive experience, a set of texts and phone calls between you and a kidnapped tourist with a scavenged mobile phone. Over the course of the experience, you'll use the resources you have on hand to help Irene escape her captors and comfort her in the midst of a crisis.




This gift card entitles the recipient to one showing of “The Girl On The Phone” which they may schedule at their convenience. 


"The Girl On The Phone" may be experienced on the phone or (for international visitors and others who have trouble calling) on Discord. 

Gift Card: The Girl On The Phone