FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY -- have a chat with your past life! Purchase now to get a telephone number -- only $49.99! Famed psychic Genesis Mahabini knows all, sees all, tells all -- buy now and book a date and time to chat with your previous incarnation!


In the sixty-minute phone call that is "Fragile Recall," famed psychic Genesis Mahabini claims she can help you chat up your previous incarnation. But is the sad woman she sends you to talk to really someone you once were? And if not, what does she need — and why does she care so much about you as her legacy?




This gift card entitles the recipient to one showing of “Fragile Recall,” which they may schedule at their convenience. 


"Fragile Recall" may be experienced on the phone or (for international visitors and others who have trouble calling) on Discord. 

Gift Card: Fragile Recall