Debrief is a one-hour larp written specifically for videochat -- it is a Cold War ghost story about spies, spirit mediums, betrayal, grief and loss. Players will portray one of:


GEORGE RUSSELL, a spirit medium who works for Her Majesty’s government. Sensitive, pragmatic and gentle, he has seen ghosts from a young age, and now uses his powers to thwart Britain’s enemies in the Cold War.


ROBERT ALDRIDGE, Russel's best friend and an M16 agent in the employ of Her Majesty’s government: also a double agent, leaking British secrets to the Soviets. Charming, idealistic and conflicted, he’s just been killed in a sting…and has been summoned as a spirit by Russell to answer for his crimes.


Debrief may be played by two players -- one portraying Aldridge, one portraying Russell -- or one player, with our facilitator playing the opposing. Players may choose which character to portray via the descriptions or, when booking, request that the facilitator cast them. Upon casting, players will be sent documents describing these two characters -- as well as the world they live in -- in greater detail.


This entire experience will take place on videochat, specifically Zoom: a Zoom link will be provided before the play experience begins. Other videochat services, as well as other times, may be accommodated upon request: email




This gift card entitles the recipient to one one-to-two player run of the videochat larp “Debrief." This larp may be scheduled at the recipient's convenience.

Gift Card: Debrief