Your great-aunt Mar has left you an inheritance. You didn't even know you had a great-aunt Mar. Your great aunt Mar was known for her immorality and license -- and apparently she left you 'some of her greatest legacies.' At the appointed hour, you'll receive a phone call from your aunt's chatelaine, the mysterious Mademoiselle D'Ortalon. Are you ready to find out what you've inherited?


'A Wicked Inheritance' is a twenty-minute intrigue that takes place solely over the phone. Players are warned that the story by default contains references (non-graphic) to animal abuse, indulgence and murder.




This gift card entitles the recipient to one showing of “A Wicked Inheritance” which they may schedule at their convenience. 


"A Wicked Inheritance" may be experienced on the phone or (for international visitors and others who have trouble calling) on Discord. 

Gift Card: A Wicked Inheritance