Litform Larps & Debrief


A litform larp is a larp where players portray pre-generated characters. This may sound more intimidating than freeform larps (larps where players play characters largely or wholly self-generated) but it turns out that pouring yourself into a character pre-written by an experienced author is one of the most amazing, liberating experiences available. In a baldfaced attempt to make this experience available to more people, Mirror World Creations has built a litform larp tutorial for those who would like to learn to larp in the literary style. 


No previous larping experience is necessary!


In our tutorial, you and a faciliator will prepare for — and play — our two-player larp, Debrief. Debrief is a one-hour litform larp written specifically for videochat; it is a Cold War ghost story about spies, spirit mediums, betrayal, grief and loss. Before the tutorial begins, our facilitator will reach out to you with a brief questionnaire; answering the questionnaire will let the facilitator “cast” you in Debrief, while also giving them a sense of your larping comfort levels. Post-questionnaire, your facilitator will send you up to 30 pages of reading — this is your homework! You’ll need to read all the documents your facilitator sends you besfore you start the tutorial.


The tutorial itself will last two hours. For the first forty-five minutes, the facilitator will guide you as you get into character and learn the ins and outs of litform larping. Then comes the game — Debrief, which will last not more than one hour. Finally, you and your facilitator will debrief Debrief; talk about your feelings, your experience, and what the larp meant to you. 

The full price of the tutorial is $65. For those who don’t think they can afford full price, Discounts are always available.

Love litform but don’t need a tutorial? Play Debrief for free here!


Love litform and want more of it? There are character sheets for our phone larps here!