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Time Travel!

Congratulations! The time-traveling AI ELEANOR JOURDAIN has traveled back from the 23rd century to recruit YOU to be a member of the Time Cops. But you and a few other fresh recruits must first prove yourselves on a practical assessment, by going back in time and undoing what you can of WWII...
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Time Travel!

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Oct 22, 2020, 8:00 PM – 10:05 PM
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Congratulations! The time-travelling AI ELEANOR JOURDAIN has traveled back from the 23rd century to recruit YOU to be a member of the Time Cops. But you and a few other fresh recruits must first prove yourselves on a practical assessment, by going back in time and undoing what you can of WWII...


So you're a regular schlub, right? You're not the sort of person a time-travelling AI would think could undo any of WWII -- except apparently they do. So now this time-travelling AI, ELEANOR JOURDAIN, is offering you a job as a "Time Cop" -- not that you really know what a "Time Cop" is, I mean, are there Time Criminals or something? Anyway, this AI ELEANOR JOURDAIN dame says if you can pass her “practical assessment,” she'll help you fix up your pick of 21st century problems, personal and political. And you can't pass up that, right? Except hey, she's recruited a lot of other schlubs too, and apparently they're supposed to help you...

...well, here's the rules of the "practical assessment," as explained by the ELEANOR JOURDAIN:

There will be between three and five of you, going back in time to before WW2. You're all in different "Time Capsules," also known as time machines. In a moment, you'll be able to start picking up radio broadcasts which should hopefully give you some clue as to when you're landing; all the ELEANOR JOURDAIN will tell you is it will be after March 1933 and before September 1939. Since you’re speeding backwards through time, the radio broadcasts will, of course, come to you in reverse order. The first one you’ll be able to pick up, the ELEANOR JOURDAIN says, could be anywhere between two months to two years before your landing date. As the broadcasts continue, they will get closer and closer to your when, until the last broadcast will be on your landing date proper -- but you'd better have a plan made by then!

(Of course there’s no guarantee the broadcasts will tell you what date they’re on, so you’ll have to pick up what you can from historical cues…luckily they’ll mostly be news broadcasts so that should be easy…right?)

You’ll be landing on earth in 125 minutes. Before then, you’ll need to decide where on earth you want your Time Capsules to land. There’s three of you. The three of you can land on three different places on earth — or all in the same spot. You’ll also have to decide who you’re disguising yourself as — a military officer? A politician? A civilian who’s secretly a resistance member or a spy? And you’ll each have to pick three historical figures to have the ear of and three historical figures to have power over. It’s quite a lot to do in 125 minutes, especially when you're only capable of communicating by text -- and by radio, but only when your transceivers aren't picking up the radio broadcasts.

Right. And there's one last rule. No assassinating anyone. No gunning down anybody, and no getting patsies to gun down anybody either. Redirecting armies — that’s okay. Barely. Maybe. Well, the ELEANOR JOURDAIN says it’s okay, but you get the feeling she's going to frown on it.

No, you need to make this war the most anticlimactic thing ever and you need to do it using your wiles. Spies, saboteurs, foragers and freaks — those are the tools of your trade. You have five years starting from whenever you land...whenever that is.

Good luck!



This game will be played over Discord, both voice chat and text chat. During this game, you must make several decisions. Namely:

Where your Capsules will land.

  • You can land on any landmass on earth, precise to a couple of miles.
  • Your Capsules will vanish upon landing, but they will *not* land atop delicate infrastructure or people.

Who you’re going to be disguised as.

  • You cannot disguise yourself as named historical figures; however, you can insert yourself into governments, spy networks, military hierarchies or resistance cells as though you were “always there.”
  • Once you choose who you’re going to be disguised as and where you’re going to insert yourself, you can upload the requisite “local knowledge” to your brain; becoming a German military officer, for instance, will give you a local’s knowledge of the era’s German language and culture as well as knowledge of — and a “feel for” — military tactics as might be possessed by a competent German officer of that era.

Who you’re going to have the “ear of.”

  • You EACH may pick three named historical figures of the era; they will trust you much as one might trust a good friend.
  • Note that this is not mind control: if you ask Hitler to fire all his senior staff and replace them with hamsters, for instance, he won’t (and he’ll become much more suspicious of you, besides).

Who you’re going to have “power over.”

  • You EACH may pick three named historical figures of the era WHO ARE NOT THE LEADERS OF NATIONS; you will be provided with heinously damaging blackmail material on them.
  • This will act something like mind control, particularly on first blush; however, the more often you use it, and the more you use it to ask for “big things,” the more likely they are to wriggle out of it.

You will also need to discuss with your conspirators to figure out a plan. You may talk with each other in your separate Time Capsules via “radio” (discord voice chat), though there you will be occasionally interrupted by radio broadcasts. You may also communicate via textchat (this is recommended when the radio is going).

For as long as you are in your Time Capsules you will have access to the internet as it was in approximately your year 2020. This, along with the radio stream, will be crucial to your ability to find out when you are landing. When you land, you will lose access to that internet, although you may print out as much as twenty pages of text (Times New Roman 10pt font, single spaced) to take with you. You have access to the past for exactly ten years. You will have no other supplies.

This timeline the AI ELEANOR JOURDAIN is sending you to is an alternate timeline, so you’re in no danger of un-borning yourself. However, it is identical in all ways to the WWII timeline you know; the divergence that makes it an alternate timeline comes later and is not relevant to this game.

A quick content warning: this larp is a larp of Heroic Historical Research. If your idea of fun is not paging through a Wikipedia page at lightspeed and going “Aha! The Anschluss started on 12 March but Hitler only arrived in Vienna on 15 March!” then this may not be the game for you. Pre-game research is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Have fun!

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