Don't think you can afford the price of a larp? Well come right in and get yourself a discount! Turns out every time someone pays full price, a little bit gets dropped in the discount bucket, and right now we’ve got enough discount dollars to make larps affordable for everyone! Well probably everyone. Anyway. Come on fill out this form. Tell us how much you can pay. We’ll get back to you within a day.

(Spoiler: Unless we’re really out of money or you’re acting in obvious trollish bad faith, you’ll probably get the discount.)

P.S. We’ve discovered some people feel icky, asking us for “free money.” We think that’s pretty silly, but for all you all, here’s some pre-set discounts pegged on tasks you can do to get some larping cash.

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Whether it’s for our delicious discounts, social initiatives like INKlarp, or other programs, we’re always in need of support. Our special relationship with Playable Theater lets us take tax-deductible donations; just donate to Playable Theater through PayPal and either NOTE or USE THE DROP-DOWN MENU TO INDICATE that the donation’s meant for Mirror World Creations. If you mess up, don’t fret: just email Playable Theater at

Check out the screenshot to see how it's done!

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