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Want to be the protagonist of your own story -- take part in a tale tailored to you? Mirror World Creations crafts live-action roleplay (larp) experiences for those souls in search of adventure. 


Not quite sure what a larp is? Think of a larp as a play without an audience. When you're part of a larp, you don’t just experience a story--you help tell it. Mirror-World's authors and orchestrators provide a setting and the start of a story, but your decisions determine how your adventure will end. Can you foil a kidnapping?  How about break a curse? Every choice you make will change the experience you choose to participate in.

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Phone Larps

If you've ever wanted to...

Inherit a mysterious treasure...[$15]

Rescue an imprisoned gremlin...[$15]

Bargain with the fair folk...[$39]

Foil a kidnapping...[$48]

Match wits with a murderer...[$52]

Moderate an anti-vaxxer...[$40]


Speak to your past self...[$49]

You've come to the right place! Our phone larps are designed as one-on-one experiences; just schedule a time and call a number. Of course if you want to play in a group there may be ways we can accommodate you...

Price isn't right? Take a look at our Discounts!


Long Distance Larps

Long-distance larps are meant for when people can't be together, and may be played over text, voice, or videochat. 

1960. The Cold War rages on. The intelligence agencies of the great powers play an endless game of spy and counter-spy, trying to learn one another’s secrets, trying to sabotage one another’s plans. 

DEBRIEF is available for one or two participants. [$40 per] 

Three wannabe time heroes travel to the past to stop WWII...or try to. But can a neurotic would-be politician, an A-bomb obsessed historian and a con artist in paradise work together to stop Adolf Hitler? 

HERO TIME is available for two or three participants. [$20 per]

You're a Survey Team for the League of Planets, boldly going where none have gone before. But now one of you has been infected by a mind-controlling alien parasite -- the question is, which one? And given that the parasite is intelligent life, which you're *not* supposed to kill on sight, what will you do once you find it? 

CONTACT is available for four participants. [$20 per]



With our one-on-one workshop, we'll walk you through prep and play, taking the stress out of creating a character as we take part in Debrief, a Cold War ghost story of our own devising.


Do you dare open yourself to such an experience? [$65]

Join us for an introduction to larping!


Are you willing to write letters while pretending to be a fictional character? Do you want to share some humanity with folks stuck inside the US prison system? Join us in the retro-future fantasy INKlarp for some John Carter of Mars meets Jupiter Ascending-style fun! [Free]


Whether it’s for our delicious discounts, social initiatives like INKlarp, or other programs, we’re always in need of support. Our special relationship with Playable Theater lets us take tax-deductible donations through PayPal; donate now and perhaps someday you could receive prizes beyond reckoning...

We're running a letter larp for prisoners...





226 West 21st Street, Unit 2R, New York, NY, 10011


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